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deppenport's Journal

Johnny Depp/Jack Davenport Slash. Ohhhh, yes.
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1. We are having a bit of an issue with the layout, which will be fixed shortly. Until then, ALL POSTS must begin with NINE breaks ( {br} but with <...> enclosing it instead) for the I.E kids. In Firefox it will look fine either way, but without the breaks, those who are viewing in I.E won't be able to see the first three lines of the post.

2. NO BASHING. Please be nice to each other. We like to keep a friendly and positive atmosphere, and while witty snark is welcome, cruelty is not. You get one warning and then you're banned as it's something we won't tolerate.

3. On the same vein as number two, no trolling. Chances are we'll find your attempts to call us sick freaks and tell us Johnny Depp is gAy (srsly?) amusing and join in on the mocking with you. We're that twisted.

4. No unrelated comwhoring. We don't care about your "Rate My Hotness" community. We're also pretty sure we don't care if you're hot. Which, to our standards (old, scruffy men), you're probably not.

5. ALL fics must have a main pairing of Deppenport or their movie/tv characters slashing which each other (Sparrington, Libertine-slash, Edward Scissorhands/Steve Taylor, be creative, whatever). JackDav can find a lovely boytoy outside of Johnny for a chapter or two, Legolas and Keira can even have a make out scene (poor Kate Bosworth!), but Deppenport must be the main couple!

6. Rule number 5 applies for all fanart and other random tidbits that might be thrown in.

7. Label All Fics As Such:
Fandom: RPS (real person slash), Pirates of the Caribbean, The Libertine, Crossovers,etc
Pairing(s): MUST be labeled in TOP/BOTTOM order [i.e Johnny{fucker}/Jack{fuckee}] or the given fandom name (Deppenport, Sparrington) if the couple switches/is ambiguous
Links back to previous chapters if applicable

8. All fanart must be labeled as WORKSAFE or NOTWORKSAFE and put under a cut!

9. Icons, layouts, banners, and wallpaper are welcomed and encouraged!

10. Review someone's work. This community dies if a member posts a fic or a piece of art and no one replies. Why? Because then those who are not members and who are browsing the community think it's not very active and move on to the next. And that's not very happy for us.

11. Have fun!

your com-mommies,

what_you_own and fuzzmonkeys