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Crossover otp?

So, I have quite a lot of Deppenport crossover OTPs, and just wanted to share them I guess.
Anyone else support these?

Davenport (series) / Depp (series)

Peter Smith-Kingsley (Talented Mr.Ripley) / Ichabod Crane (Sleepy Hollow)
Song that fits: "I Wanna Be Your Everything" - Keith Urban
This couple is extremely cute if one thinks about it. I swear, nothing but fluff would ever happen in this little world. Peter would probably think that Ichabod's fainting was cute, but he has the kind of supportive personality that I think Ichabod needs. Also, Ichabod seems more faithful then a hound dog and just...grar, fluff, who needs more?

Michael Colefield (Ultraviolet) / Tom Hansen (21 Jump Street)
Song that fits: "Favorite Damn Disease" or "Hero" both by Nickleback
These two are a far cry from the couple mentioned above, but in their own fight-fight-nag-nag sort of way I think they would work out. Eventually anyways >>;

Ralph Clarke (Mary Bryant) / Edward Scissorhands (Guess, yeesh)
Song that Fits: ??
I'm not sure what sparked this one other then a day-dream I had one afternoon while re-reading Clarke's wikipedia thingie...I really can't say much on it other then I think they would work well for each other in their own odd sort of way.

Steve Taylor (coupling) / Sam (benny and joon)
Song that Fits: "I Want You To Want Me" - Cheap Trick
I believe Steve would find Sam's antics amusing through the roof, and I think Steve could easily keep Sam entertained by finding him so amusing. Also, I think Steve might just do a pretty reasonable job in helping Sam build the self-confidence he lacks in a few scenes of Benny and Joon.

So...yeah. Comments anyone?
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