Mikhyel (mikhyel) wrote in deppenport,

Fic/Art/Random fannish thing exchange...

Okay, it's October 1st, and I had an idea... My birthday is October 29th, and I want fannish presents. So. I'm going to ask people to write me fic (any size, even a drabble), or draw me something, or really, any fandom thing -- make a puppet or whatever and post a picture of it. You've got til November 15th (cuz I like to draw out my birthday...) to post! If you intend to take part, please leave a comment in this post, and a link when you're done. >^_^<

I do not expect something for nothing! For every thing I get, I will write/draw/whatever something in return by, say Christmas (I get longer, because hopefully there will be several people doing this...) I can't promise a novel, but if you get a fic-return, I promise at least a drabble-length...

I'll crosspost this to the communities I'm on, which include most of the fandoms I'm in, but not all. So just in case, here's what I read, in no particular order... Harry Potter (Snape), Pratchett, Good Omens, Pirates of the Caribbean (because everybody wants Jack), House, Ouran Host Club, Xena/Hercules (Oh, Joxer...), Naruto, One Piece, Highlander. Queer as Folk, Prince of Tennis, FAKE. If you're moved to something other than these, that's fine, too -- I never turn down presents -- I just may be confused.
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