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A Stand-Alone Sequel to Funny Guy

Well, here it is, folks. More of it, and this time, it's in the same style as Funny Guy, and completely ignores Extrapolation, which, frankly, sucked. I think this is a bit better, but, by the by, I'm looking for a good beta!

Title: The Reason Why, Among Other Things
Rating: PG-13-R for swearing and man-love.
Author: irish_channel
Fandom/Characters: Deppenport (Jack Davenport/Johnny Depp)
Summary: Drabble before my bedtime – This RPS. This is RPS on drugs.
Disclaimer: I don’t own either of the aforementioned loverly people! Wish I owned Jack, though. I bet he’d be a freak in bed. Oops, did I say that out loud? Also, I’m writing from the POV of Johnny Depp, which is like writing from the POV of God. So it’s all fake, okay? Last time I checked, I couldn’t tan that well. His life. His skin cancer.

The Reason Why, Among Other Things
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