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More Deppenport: Extrapolation Part I

I wrote the first part of this, and stopped because it's a school night and I'm already in need of sleep. Hopefully I'll finish this 'chapter' or 'installment in the saga' (lol) if you will, tomorrow night. Anyway, here's your daily dose. Tell me if it's as good as the others, because it's certainly different.

Title: Extrapolation
Author: irish_channel
Rating: R-NC-17 Hey, the rating’s going up with every story I write! Fancy that!
Fandom/Characters: Deppenport (Johnny Depp/Jack Davenport)
Summary/Notes: I may pout if I don’t get more reviews than last time. This one is longer…see what it brings you. Follow the white rabbit. Sequel to Cool Guy, which is a sequel to Funny Guy.
Disclaimer: Johnny Depp and Jack Davenport, seriously, are the property of themselves, and they would have my head on a platter (probably not silver) if they ever found out I wrote these. I really actually planned on stopping with ‘Cool Guy’, but I found I needed something to do after my homework. Voila. So, if you are lucky, and I am bored, these will become a nightly routine. This one is a bit longer, and has a slightly different flavor to it (aka real dialogue, and kissing). Enjoy.
Warning(s): RPS! Not Sparrington (directly, at least). Also, check the rating on this one. And if serious!fic squicks you, go away. By the way, another warning is that if I don’t get more reviews (pouts like the whiney baby that she is), I’ll stop. Maybe; if I can bring myself to. I’m addicted!

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